Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Virginia Foley and I’m a Canadian freelance writer, memoirist and novelist, but when I take a break, I bake.  There are two dozen banana muffins in the oven right now.


For eight years I wrote a daily online blog and have had literary, lifestyle and travel pieces published, most notably in: Canada’s History Magazine, The Globe and Mail,  Dreamers Creative Writing Magazine, BRAVA in Madison, WI, In The Know Traveller, and Talking Writing.  I’ve also penned an historical novel, targeted at a YA audience, which is based in Arizona and centres around the Navajo and Hopi tribes.


I am currently writing a memoir that uses a metaphor of Broadway musicals.  As a child,  I was raised on the tunes of Rogers and Hammerstein, Gershwin, Porter and Berlin.  In my book I explore the concept of a romanticized life and how I have striven to attain the happily-ever-after.  Music returns continually as a leitmotif through periods of happiness and profound sadness as this quest plays out.


For many years I was a social worker, but realized that what I really enjoyed was writing newsletters, life histories and case notes. I left that world behind shortly after marrying a British man whose job relocated us to Wisconsin, Montana, Scotland and the British Virgin Islands.  Much of my writing is inspired by these experiences.


In the past seven years, my husband and I have moved eight times, witnessed five of our six children pledge their love in matrimony and welcomed new recruits into our combined family with the birth of five grandchildren.  Five years ago we moved back to my homeland of Canada and for the past three years have settled into a house on a pretty lake in Ontario.  Listening to lapping waves is serene.


Gotta run!  Muffins are done!  



We smiled at one another, my eyes

not wanting to lose the memory of his


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